What is Health Information Exchange?

Electronic health information exchange, or "HIE," is the secure electronic exchange of health-related information between treating physicians, hospitals, health care payers and other health care providers involved in the care of the patient.

Many patients today receive care based on incomplete information.  This can be as harmless to the patient as taking duplicate tests, or as serious as receiving incorrect treatment based on an incomplete medicine allergy list or inaccurate medical history. HIE connectivity dramatically increases health care providers’ access to patients’ health information to ensure that patients receive the right care, from the right health care providers, at the right time.

How does HIE operate in Texas?

Texas is served by several local or regional health information exchanges (HIEs). These HIEs cover different localities and regions in Texas, allowing their participants to easily exchange health information within their region. The Texas Health Services Authority (the Authority), as formed under Chapter 182 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, is responsible for statewide HIE operations and governance through implementation of the State HIE Plan.

See the links below to find a local HIE organization that services your area: